Unforgiveness: An enemy of Progress



Forgive! It takes two to make a prison. Both the prisoner and jailer are in jail. When you let the other go free, you liberate yourself. When Jesus said forgive 70×7, He meant we should forgive as many times as we remember the offence. It’s hard to forgive; it’s even harder to forget. Someone once said forgiveness is not backing a new born baby. It’s much like hauling an old man in a wheelchair up the mountain. But, Christ demands it so we must give all of it without reservation. When we have made up our minds to forgive the offender, the Holy Spirit swings into action and makes it a reality. Holding on to resentment only takes our joy, while doing no harm to the other party. They probably don’t even know you are aggrieved. Unforgiveness could be the one thing hindering your blessings. The earlier you forgive, the quicker your breakthrough. Don’t miss your blessings dwelling on past hurts. If forgiveness is needed, today is the day to make it right. This is the second half of 2019 and God is set to open doors you never thought would open if only you’d let go and let Him. You don’t want to continue drifting in mediocrity. He cannot fight for you when you are fighting for you. Let go, this moment, and let God. Forgiveness is strength. Unforgiveness is weakness!

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