He is indeed a miracle working God. Thursday 16th of March 2017 was a testimony filled day at Adoration ground Uke as two insane young men regained sanity. In a message titled ROLL AWAY THE STONE, the Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube Muonso) called on all Adorers to be alert in the spirit, pick up their divine hammer and break every stone obstructing their way to breakthrough.
Just at the conclusion of the message, prayer and deliverance, was the shocking miracle that left all in attendance in a state of joy and celebration.
To watch the complete video visit https://youtu.be/itXw4pUtaQg and for other messages delivered by the Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Obimma (Ebube Muonso) please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7SnYYXTYwVW9NUtURh26w

Thursday Adoration continues to hold as usual until after Easter.
Remember, it is never late for God to change that your ugly situation and restore joy and peace into your life. AMEN


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