Six Keys to the next Level

1) Dissociate from bad company. If you’ve been romancing people who do not have a vision, its time to get a divorce. If no one in your circle motivates you, then you don’t have a circle; you have a cage. Bad company corrupts good morals. You need change? Change your company.
2) Be conscious of your time. Stop marking time. Dissociate from time wasters; be very intentional about it. You’ve stayed on this mountain long enough. Stop drifting in mediocrity. Move!
3)Be conscious of your vision and work very hard. When you are not conscious of your dream and vision, you are passive and loquacious in such a way that you are not perturbed by anything. Every vision and dream awaits its manifestation. Strive to be ahead of time. Remember, if you sleep 8 hrs a day, you would have slept for 20 years by the time you are 60. Meaning you were dead 20 years of your time. What a waste! Neurologists say human beings don’t exhaust even 50% of their brain capacity. You still have room to acquire something that will make a difference in this world.
4)Faith&Optimism: Believe you’d get to your desired destination. Practise the act of self motivation. What you desire is what you deserve. Failure isn’t final. Even though you are down today, you’ll rise tomorrow. You may be nobody today but you’ll be somebody tomorrow. Believe and watch it happen.
5) Holiness: Apply the key of holiness if you must enter your next level. Remain in holiness and you’ll sustain your next level. What are you willing to lose to get to the next level? Cut off every form of distraction and focus on Christ the author and finisher of your faith. According to Mary Kay, “one of the secrets to a successful business is Focus. Focus and Work very hard to upgrade your product. “Upgrade your spiritual life. Men, if you have acquaintances, they are mere distractions. If you want more blessings from God, Love your wives. I always tell people that Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola even if it’s poured in a plastic bottle. What you seek outside is right before you. Maintain your wife.Say no to the DEVIL because God wants to take you to the next level.
6) Obedience to the commandment of God: Abraham obeyed when God called him. Saul obeyed his father and was announced a king over the entire land. Obedience to God will move you from the back to the front line. Pay attention to instructions and act accordingly. God doesn’t call those who don’t respond because those who don’t respond are not responsible.

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