comfort zone picThe Comfort zone is a very nice place, but not much grows there. Though the beauty may be in the butterfly, the growth happens in the cocoon. The struggle to leave the cocoon is what strengthens the butterfly’s wings so it can fly. Growth comes from practicing at the end of edges of your limits and comfort zone. When it’s most uncomfortable, that is when you are at the cusp of becoming a better version of you. Change is hard but it’s worth it. It’s better to go through 30 years of change than to live your entire life a mediocre. The devil will tell you a lie that feels real, in your comfort zone. Pay no attention to him. The truth is, your comfort zone has you stuck on stuck. Understand God has great plans that will not be made manifest in your comfort zone. It’s time to step out and enjoy His blessings.
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Stop whining and complaining, and go out and make things happen. Nothing great has ever emanated from the comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a place of great discomfort. Your comfort zone stifles your growth. “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown. Your success lies at the other side of fear.  Be courageous enough to step out of your comfort zone today. Wishing leads to no action. Stop wishing and make reality your friend. Your comfort zone is a danger zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. If you want to have something you’ve never had, then you have to do something you’ve never done. Stir yourself out of complacency and move!
 Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? I have given you tips that will help you stretch beyond your limits…
 1) Faith-  You must have a positive attitude of faith if you want to leave your comfort zone. By faith, Abraham left his father’s land for an unknown land. By faith, Judith was able to go into the camp of the enemy.  Trust that if God called you to it, He’d make sure you flourish. Everything is possible for one who believes. Dare to believe and watch how God moves on your behalf.
2)Look beyond your obstacles- Look beyond your mountain and focus on the level ground. Oppositions will always try to stymie your movement, but you must look beyond them. Fix your eyes on the prize. Keep in mind that the moment you decide to step out of your comfort zone, the enemy will rear its ugly head to frustrate you. You’ll want to give up like the Israelites who opted to settle for tiger nuts. Understand that the suffering is momentary. Stay the cause. Develop the mindset of a conqueror like the Lion. The lion is not the strongest animal in the kingdom, but it has the ability to devour. In times of adversity, remember there’s a lion inside of you. Even though the devil is roaring like a wounded lion, ignore the roaring of the devil because your own lion is real. Look beyond your obstacles.
3)Fearlessness- Avoid fear of the unknown. Be bold enough to step out of your comfort zone. If God is still on the throne, you can never be put to shame. God never asks you to give up something without giving you more in return. Is that ungodly relationship preventing you from enjoying the blessings of God? It’s time to shut that door . God says there’s more. But first, you have to be ready to receive more.  Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right. Decide to move out of your comfort zone.
4)Word of God- Let the word of God and our mother Mary be your companion. If your bible has been sitting on your shelf collecting dust, it’s time to pick and clean it up. The word of God is your armor in times of tribulations. Jesus could not defeat the devil without the word. When the walls are seemingly closing in, take solace in the bible. It will console you. The bible is supposed to be bread for daily use not cake for special occasion.
5)Do not lose sight of the master Jesus- Let the triumph of the master Jesus be your confidence. When you start moving and things get tough, remember that what you’re going through is minuscule compared to what Jesus went through. Jesus triumphed against all odds and you too will if you do not lose sight of Him. You need a way to get to the next level and Jesus is the only way.
6) Determination- Say it, stand by it and live by it. Determination  is the mystery behind distinction. It entails putting on a resilient garment. The mountain might be high but you are stepping out. It will be hard, but you’ll win. It was determination that made Esther say, “If I perish, let me perish.” David was in the family but wasn’t enjoying the comfort zone; He was always in the desert. And when the anointing came, it by passed the irresponsible and went to the responsible- a man with a heart of gold and God.
Your adherence to these steps is a pathway to living the life God has designed for you. Move out of your comfort zone. God will not release your blessings until you have become the type of person who should receive it. You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone. change begins at the end of your comfort zone. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will be totally worth it. Leaving your comfort zone is hard. Staying broke is hard. Pick your hard.
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