One of the attributes of God’s greatness is his infinite and awesome power, particularly displayed in creation and redemption.

In this session, we’re going to deal with the subject of the power, authority and the glory of Jesus Christ that has been given to us and the significance of living in that power, authority and glory.

Jesus made the promise to give us this power and authority in Matthew 16:18 when he said to Peter: “The gates of Hades will not be able to withstand or withhold the advancing church.” Jesus was going to build his church. The church was going to advance. The gates of Hades could not withstand it.

Jesus is saying that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. His power is greater than the power of the enemy. When there is a head-on conflict between the power of the enemy and the power of God, the power of the enemy will lose every time.

How do we then live and walk in this power and authority? As we know, the world we live in has two realms “the natural and the spiritual”. We need to be able to know how to live in this spiritual realm in a way that affects the natural realm. Instead of the spiritual realm only affecting me, I need to be living in a way that affects the spiritual realm, which in turn affects the natural realm.

Paul’s amazing statement in 1 Corinthians 4:19-20, made me understand the power we have as believers. Paul says in these verses that he’s coming to Corinth to see the teachers that are there, and he’s not coming to hear their words, but he’s coming to see the power in their lives, “for the kingdom of God is not words, but it is power.”

Let’s continue to delve into the empowering aspect of God’s Life, the source of all power is God. It’s His saving power, His pardoning power (Matthew 9:6), His infinite power (Matthew 28:18), His power over nature (Luke 8:24), and His life-giving power (John 17:2; John 10:10). For there is no other power but of God (Romans 13:1).

Amazingly, a small portion of this immense power is given to every believer by the Holy Spirit at his new birth, it is part of the Life of God that He instills in our hearts. Therefore, this supernatural power resides in every Christian, but it requires a submitted and sanctified life in order to partake of it. Just like God’s Love, it can be quenched and blocked by emotional and “fleshly” choices. However, the outworking of that power, the fruit that is produced is the hallmark of a true disciple.
God’s glory on the other hand, According to Holman bible dictionary; describes glory as weighty importance and shinning majesty that accompany God’s presence.
When this presence of God is on you, it means that the glory of God is upon you. In Isaiah 60:1 the bible says, “Arise and Shine for thy light has come and the glory of God is risen over you” this simply means that the Lord has already glorified you but you need to arise so that you and other people around you will see this glory of God.

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