21st JUNE, 2020

Foundation is the strength of any building. In human character formation, that is, the early training given to a child; you will agree with me that the training you give to a child for 7 years grows with the child till he or she is 70years old.

Joseph Gadama the Philosopher said, “there is no fore ground without a background”.
The word of God said in Psalm 11:3, “Foundation once destroyed, what can the just do?

Child of God, many a times, you may not have willed it; you may not have desired limitation; but you discover that you hustle like an elephant and at the end of the day you harvest like an ant. It is possible that your father or your great grand father is the cause of the problem you are passing through today. The ugly mistakes of your parents or great grand parents are following you and you are paying for the repercussions.

I pray that the good Lord will uproot every evil foundational problem or demonic tree which the enemies have planted in your life or family in Jesus’ name.

Let me tell you Child of God, every body has his or her own foundational problem but once you don’t tackle your foundational problem you will never go far in life.

I release the wind of change over your life and over your family, I pray that the power of the Eucharistic Jesus will turn things around for your good and for the good of your family in Jesus’ name.

As God changed the name of Abram which meant “Barrenness” to Abraham “Father of many nations” I pray that any evil shrine which you were dedicated to during your birth must be destroyed today by fire in Jesus’ name. I decree, any negative altar which the enemies had swallowed your destiny must vomit you today in Jesus’ name.

I decree to this child of God, that your positive exploits will announce your family today as in the case of Esther in Jesus’ name.
I release the anointing for total liberation upon this child of God in the mighty name of Jesus.LORD REBUILD

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