Trust in God

Are you currently going through a seemingly insurmountable situation? Pitch your tent in the land of hope. It may not be easy, but the reward will blow your mind. It may not even turn out the way you thought or on your timetable, but God’s ways are better than our ways. Those who hope in God will not be disappointed. “The expectations of the righteous shall come to pass.” Proverbs 10:24. The book of Esther teaches us to trust the heart of God when we cannot immediately see His hand. We never get a testimony without going through a test. Challenges aren’t palatable, but sometimes, they are the detours, reroutes and paths we need to get to the next level. Jesus Christ went down, but it was a setup for a huge comeback. Don’t let your Friday make you forget the Sunday that’ll soon come. Enjoy the process. God will one day wipe away all tears and there will be no more pain. In the bible, the person going through a great trial is the person next in line for a great reward. Waiting is painful,  but it is the season between sowing and reaping. You cannot sow and reap in the same season. Do not lose the harvest because of the pain in the waiting. Trust God. He has promised a change and will accomplish it. His plans for us are good and must surely come to pass. Being disgruntled will only make the waiting longer than it already is. He cannot be intimidated by your anger. He decides when to settle you no matter how hard you murmur. Be aware that murmuring is sin. Don’t let what happened to Israelites happen to you. God could deny you access to the promise land. When you murmur, you are telling God He is incapable of handling your situation. Don’t forget that what you have now was once a prayer point. Remember how He saved you that last time and the time before the last time, and even the time before the time before the last time. Have an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude opens doors that would normally not open.

“In every affliction, God is waiting to see your reaction.” Fr. Ebube Muonso. Decide to obey His commands in the midst of storms. That is the only way you can come out alive and strong. He wants you to Praise him. Praise him not because your situation has changed,  but because you know it will because He said it will. Stop running from one church to another looking for miracles when you can simply make it happen on your knees. Bishops/pastors/priests cannot help you. Only your faith can make it happen.There has never been a miracle without faith. Your church is not your problem. Get it together! Your problem is lack of faith. Your prayers are going to be answered according to your faith. There is no shortcut. Dare to have faith as tiny as a mustard seed and watch that problem disappear like moth-eaten garment.

Rather than telling God how big your problems are, tell your problems how BIG your God is.

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