By. Fr. Ebube Muonso

For every of your good work, the Holy Spirit must reward you. At times it might seem prolonged but surely it must come to manifestations.

Take glory in suffering, persevere in tribulations, because Your rewarder is the Holy Spirit.
No wonder the word of God says in Gospel of John 14:18, “I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you”

Suffering is part and parcel of life. Suffering is inevitable.
According to the book of 1 Peter 4:15 it says, “but let none of you suffer as a murderer or as a result of wrongdoings.., but if anyone of you suffer as a result of your faith do not be ashamed”

There are different types of suffering;
1. Good/Positive suffering: Any suffering for the sake of Christ or for the sake of your faith.
2. Bad/Negative suffering : As a result of God’s punishment because of our sins.

Remember, the size of your mountain is proportional to the size of your destiny, therefore, Hold on to your faith, do not give up, patience in tribulations.

The bible says, For every sorrows of the night, there must be a morning of Joy (Psalm 30:5). Every of your good suffering is leading you to your land of promise. It is a stepping stone to your miracle.

In this week of Reward, I pray that the reward of the Holy Spirit will re-brand your destiny in Jesus’ name.

I am connecting this child of God to that same of reward of Mordecai, Tobith and Saul in the mighty name of Jesus.

May this reward bring an end to all your ugly predicaments, be it in form of sickness, poverty, lack, want, joblessness, marital delay, near success syndrome in Jesus’ name.

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