On the first week of April 2016 in New Jersey, though I am not certain of the exact day, but all I could remember is that I felt an unusual touch on my legs and moments later I started feeling pains on my leg. Hours later, the story changed to my inability to walk beyond few meters from my initial position, though I regained composure and walked well afterwards. But as days flew into weeks, I noticed that it was getting worse and the need to seek medical expert to examine the cause became imperative because my legs became swollen.


Healed of Paralysis
‘I resorted to medical attention to ascertain the nature and seriousness of the Berlin wall that prevented me from walking,’ she continued. When I got to the hospital, I went through series of laboratory tests and x-rays, but found nothing.
I was taken to Blessed Iwene Tansi Parish, Umudioka by my son because Fr. Ebubemuonso informed his parishioners that there will be a special Sunday for healing.
‘While delivering his sermon, the anointed priest prophesied that there would be shocking miracles today and I claimed it. He anointed me with the covenant oil, sprinkled holy water on my legs and prayed for me. Moments later, I started feeling a pull on my legs before I heard Fr Ebubemuonso pointing at me saying, ‘Mama it seems you don’t know you are healed, therefore, stand up from your wheelchair and walk. I obeyed him, rose from my wheel chair and I walked for the first time in four months.’


I can’t help but express my profound gratitude to God who used His Son, Fr Ebubemuonso to restore my joy. Today is the happiest day of my life.

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