Since February 2016, my brother and camped at the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry after we heard of Ebube Muonso and how God is using him to perform mighty miracles and wonders. My brother had gone mad for about 16 years and all efforts to get him back to normal proved futile. Every accusation points to my uncle who unknowingly to us had been plotting to kill my brother in order to claim his land inheritance, being the only son of five children born by our parents. One day I heard about a healing mass at Blessed Iwene Tansi Umudioka, the Parish of Ebube Muonso and decided to take him there. To my greatest surprise that day, Ebube Muonso called him up to the altar and prophesied healing. His healing was instantaneous. It was a shocking but wonderful experience for me. I heard Father asking him personal questions and he responded like a normal person. Ebube Muonso ordered that his chain should be removed. My joy knew no bounds. He had suffered the madness for 16 years. I am glad that God of Fr Ebube Muonso has remembered my family.


Mrs Eucharia Chigbo

4 thoughts on “HEALED OF 16 YEARS OF MADNESS”

  1. May the name of GOD be praised, and I wish I can have peace in my marriage miraculously then I will never seize to thank GOD all the rest of my life , I also wish I can attend his adoration one day

  2. l claim this miracle unto my cousin chinaemerem Azike who is in that condition for over 10 yrs now. i pray that the same God of Ebube Muonso will remember her wherever she is now as I write this post in Jesus name amen.Thank you Jesus for hearing.

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