God of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry is a miracle worker.  On the ninth month of my pregnancy, I started experiencing ceaseless labour, the doctor and the midwives who were to deliver my baby, they said that my baby was breech. According to the doctor, the only solution was Cesarean Section otherwise my life and that of the baby would be at risk. I told them that I cannot go through with the surgery.  I had faith that as an adorer, nothing would happen to me. I carried my due pregnancy till pressure from people became unbearable, I yielded to the doctor’s recommendation for a surgical operation though I had deep conviction  that the God of the last minute would do a mighty miracle in my life. When it was time for the Cesarean Section, they forced me to change the adoration attire I was putting on to a theatre wear which I vehemently refused. I insisted on wearing the attire.  While I was debating this with them labour started.  I started pushing but the midwives around warned me not to do so because it will complicate issues since the baby was not properly positioned. As this was going on, my baby re-positioned and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The doctors and nurses were astonished and vowed  to worship this great God of mine. Praise God!


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