Fr Ebube

God of Ebube Muonso is a miracle working God. Mr Joseph Ye from China had battled with a terminal cancer over a prolonged period beginning from May 2014 and spanning more than a year; losing most of his vital organs in the process. The last report from diagnosis conducted on his supposedly last hospital admission suggested that he had just one day to live following severe failure of organs; an inference that was backed by both prognosis and history.  Mr. Ye thought he had no other option that to resign to fate. Just as Mr. Ye was in the presumably final moment of his life, Ebube Muonso visited China on an evangelical crusade. After Ye’s family sought his help, Ebube Muonso agreed to visit him at the hospital and according to Ye, that visit was the turning point. He testified that he trembled when the man of God prayed for him and that he felt the power of God enter his entire body. At that moment he experienced the miraculous power of God and he began to notice changes through his entire system. Changes that culminated in total cure fifteen days later. Now Joseph Ye is testified that not only that he got cured of his failed organs, he also got rid of his cancer without any transplant or transfusion.

Mr. Joseph Ye


  1. The GOD of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry is an on point GOD.
    He is to faithful to fail; so she’ll I testify of his goodness soonest.
    Thank u Jesus.

  2. He is the Elijah of our time. He set London on fire with his powerful ministrations at the just concluded 2016 annual crusade of God is Able Catholic Charismatic Renewal (Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy, London). So many testimonies have been flying in. May God continue to uphold you great servant of God, we are proud of you.

  3. God of Holy Ghost Adoration ministry pls cure me of my disease as you healed Ye joseph. With tears full of sorrow and pains i call on you. Let me also testify your healing in my life Amen.

  4. i am a footballer i got nile injuri in 2014 befor i have spiritual attack Nov 2014,as i atemed 14 days prayer match,as i reading devine touch month of oct only 4days i coul’t see injuri,the GOD of Ebube muonsot is one touch.Haliluah

  5. Fr Ebubemuonso shared this testimony recently in London with so much humility. i was moved to tears. The crowd went euphoric! This type of evidence simplifies evangelisation in a Thomas driven (doubtful) generation like ours. Thank you Jesus for this special gift of Ebube One Touch. I can’t stop talking about him.

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