eidy-bambang-sunaryo-517370-unsplash[1]The road to success is always under construction. Yesterday’s formula for success is tomorrow’s recipe for failure. Reverting to the familiar when under pressure is an exercise in futility. When Prophet Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, held up his Master’s walking stick over the dead son of the Shunem woman, there was no sign of life. Elisha didn’t waste a second holding the stick downwards and upwards. He immediately understood that the problem required a different approach, and prayed to God for direction. Then,  he lay stretched out on the boy, placing his mouth, eyes and hands on the boy’s (×2). 2 kings 4: 8-32. The scripture said the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes. Imagine how heartbroken the woman, who had provided for Elisha’s  needs, would have been if he had stuck with his walking stick method. I imagine that would have also led to an ear-splitting downfall of prophet Elisha.

Do not let the way you are accustomed to doing things interfere with the plans God has for you today. If he gave you a solution to yesterday’s problem, applying it to today’s is an exercise in futility. You must seek direction at all times. Direction is usually heard not seen. Pay attention to details. Do not get stuck in the rut. You cannot be doing same thing over and again and expecting a different result. A complex problem demands a complex strategy. Critical situations demand critical solutions. The devil doesn’t even stick with a particular strategy. When an approach fails, he goes back and replans, then returns with a HIT—BIGGER AND BETTER.  Be open to new ideas. Stop recycling old ideas. One who is closed to new ideas cannot be helped. Every problem has a Manual. Ask God for direction.

Nothing has to destroy your future. When one dream dies, dream another dream. Try something else. If you hold your walking stick up and the situation doesn’t change, take a step; the solution is probably on the other side. God has another plan. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Keep a freshness in your life. Don’t be satisfied living off past victories. God has new victories out in front of you.

Know better so that you can do better.

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