14 Years of Barrenness

Thank God of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry for lifting 14 years of barrenness from my family. I got married since 2002 and have believed God for the fruit of the womb. We visited several hospitals in search of an answer, some doctors diagnosed fibroid, and some would say other things, but the answers were always negative. At a point we lost hope of ever becoming parents. My wife had to go through a surgery that almost claimed her life. Her womb was condemned by a doctor who told us that she had a dead womb. His opinion was that it would be best if the womb was taken out completely. When I complained about our problem of childlessness to Ebube Muonso, all he gave me was the assurance me that I would become a father one day. One day last year, I received a call from Ebube Muonso, he asked me to put the amount of N17,500 in 31 envelops and to meet him with it. He didn’t tell me what it was for. When I got there, he instructed me to give each envelop to a priest. The money is to be used for a novena mass on my behalf. Obediently, I gave each envelope to the priests at the adoration ground and took the remaining envelopes to priests in different parishes. It wasn’t long after that my wife got pregnant after 14 years of childlessness. My wife gave birth with the same womb that the doctors had condemned. A rotten womb! God of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy.

6 thoughts on “14 YEARS OF BARRENESS BROKEN – Mr & Mrs Ik Nnakwe”

    1. I pray the same prayer Thank be to the God of adoration ministry. I also need babies in our marriage.May God help us

  1. God of Holy Host Adoration Ministry to u b all d Glory nd praise forever nd ever. Amen. Ebube one Touch u r our blessing from God.

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